Tuesday, November 18, 2008

House Applique Quilt - more blocks on the way

Been busy in the evenings (after bed time) putting a few more house blocks together. Think I only have 3 more to stitch up at this point.

Somebody asked me to give a link about the little dolls that helped me wind up my yarn in a couple of posts ago - more info here, but in Japanese only...sorry! They are called Sonny Angels.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a little tiny acorn necklace from this Etsy seller - Contrary - Oh so very cute. Could be a good place to snag some Christmas gifts or something.

Hope all your weeks are off to a very quilty start!


Una said...

Your houses are so lovely! It had never crossed my mind that they could be done this way. How wonderful to learn new things! Houses done traditionally, with all the pieces, have seemed a little daunting before. Not anymore! Thank you! Una - a long time reader and lurker. PS: Your posts give a lot of joy!

Marit said...

Beautiful houses. And I love the star quilt in your header. And congratulations on winning the give away over at inspired by antique quilts! You have a lovely blog, and I will surely come visiting again. And thank you for leaving me such a nice comment,too