Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And the Tiny Shall Inherit the Earth

In my 'knitting' group (where I usually quilt instead of knit) the girls have all sorts of projects going on.

My friend Sharon of Knits are for Kids made a hoodie for her son, but he grew faster than she could knit.
Having the smallest kid around does have it's benefits, as in this little guy can still squeeze into the projects that her little dude is too big for now.

Check out her skull caps that she made for the boys. Both of mine got them. Will post some photos of them together in them.

Meanwhile, I started a little beanie of my own with some Make Make Yarn (made in Japan, of course).
I also picked up the binding for my recently finished quilt from SuperBuzzy - it's going to be a polka dot pattern.


Unknown said...

I love it! it's so cute from the back with a faceless child... which means it must look amazing from the front plus a face. : )

Susan said...

So cute!!!