Sunday, October 9, 2011

Langston - a sweater for a pinkalicious girl, and a big event

I finished knitting a size 2 sweater for my sister's older girl recently.

The pattern is called "Langston" by Teresa Cole.  I found the pattern pretty easy and it did not consume a lot of yarn so it was a good use for a relatively small amount of handspun.

More info on it with more photos on my ravelry page.  I am tempted to knit another one of these it was so fun.

The yarn itself came from naturally dyed 50% silk 50% merino by A Verb for Keeping Warm in this super yummy pink colorway.  I forget exactly what the colorway is called, I'll find the tag it came with eventually - hopefully!

Having some silk mixed in with the fiber content really takes the 'itchy' element out of the mix for little ones.  I am sure that my niece will love it, and if she doesn't maybe my sister will make her wear it anyhow.

In other news, my son (with a little help from daddy) decided to ride his bike without the training wheels.  I was such an awesome sight to behold.  I was so proud of his new skill.  I called all of my family to let them know of the big event.

I was reading Ann's blog - Notes from the Quilt Lab -  and she did a post on an antique hot pad from around the 1850's.  I am so amazed that something like this could survive that long and loved seeing it.  Check out her post here


Susan said...

Sweater came out great!

Oiyi said...

That is such a cute cardigan. My little one is in love with pink also. Did you know that that there is a children's book called Pinkalicious?

Dawn said...

Savor those days; the training wheels will all too soon be driving the car!
Beautiful knitting!
Love Ann's posts and her amazing collection.