Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween: Crochet Pumpkin

Our Halloween was really fun.

Kids enjoyed it even though I was too busy putting finishing touches on a baby quilt to even think about making costume this year.

My friend Dorothee was generous enough to teach me how to crochet a little pumpkin decoration so I made one and had a great time using some of my recently made handspun yarn.

The fiber was from my favorite Berkeley shop, A Verb for Keeping Warm, and was dyed by Pigeonroof Studios in colorway "Experimental Views". Who knew it would make such a cute pumpkin.

I threw on a fake green wig and ran around in a batman shirt. Did you get out and dress up this year?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Purl Soho in Orange County, and finally meeting MariRob

So much to catch up on!

When I was in Orange County several weeks ago, I stopped in at the Purl Soho warehouse since I was lucky enough to be there on a week day. (M-F only! Bummer.)

There were lots of friendly folks there to help you with fabric and yarn (danger, this place is so much fun!) but I didn't realize I would meet a fellow blogger.

It turned out that working there on that day was Mari of Marirob blog. Her blog is just beautiful - stunning photos, awesome crafts, and she's a guest blogger for Purl Soho's blog The Purl Bee from time to time as well.

She has the most beautiful baby girl that I think I've ever seen. This baby immediately captured my heart. I had a hard time tearing myself away from looking at how adorable she is in order to buy some fabric, but with Liberty of London fabrics at 40% off...I eventually got down to the business of shopping.

If you are ever in Orange County, California on a week day this place is a must stop. My favorite store in So. Cal.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pacific International Quilt Festival 2010

Yesterday I did a fly-by of the amazing quilt show that happens every year, very close to where I live. I am so lucky to not have to travel to see it.

It's an international show with quilts from all over the globe, and booths of goodies from every corner of the USA.

I'll have much more to say when I have some spare time, but for now I am itching to share photos of the quilts that I love with you.

There were plenty more beautiful quilts that I didn't photograph just due to lack of time. This is really an amazing show though. Check it out in person if you ever have the time.

Pacific International Quilt Festival 2010: Slide show Flickr Set from Quilt Otaku

Enjoy and consider yourself warned, there are almost 300 photos.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

Our school district was out of school this week, so we took a road trip down to Southern California.

It was awesome.

We visited Legoland (which I HIGHLY recommend if you have kids under 10 yrs old). The above photo was taken there in the model version of Las Vegas, made totally out of Legos. Rides were really nice for little kids and lines were very very short, so good for those with short attention spans.

Our sons went to Disneyland, and I got away for the evening with my sweet husband.

Disneyland is usually known as the happiest place on Earth, but for me...the happiest place on Earth is actually the Purl Soho warehouse located in Tustin.

More on my visit there later, as I got some amazing new fabric and met (in person!) a pretty incredible blogger.

For now, time to rest a bit.

p.s. Anybody out there going to Pacific International Quilt Festival this weekend?

Monday, October 4, 2010

7 Years and Not a Single Itch

They say that after 7 years in a relationship, you start to get that '7 year itch' to do something else, see a new person, or even in some cases people end their marriage.

For us, it has now been 7 years, and there have been no itches or even thought of an itch.

It hardly seems like it has been that long, and if I live to be married to my husband for another 50 years it still won't be long enough for my taste.

He already has everything that he could possible need, so this year I decided to make him a little relaxation pillow out of wool.

Wool is the traditional gift for the 7th wedding anniversary, so I thought it was quite fitting.

Our 5 yr old helped me stuff it with cotton and I put some lime essential oil on there to refresh him when he smells it.

It looks very 'home made' but he loves it (and me) anyhow.

We had the extreme pleasure of having dinner w/ our boys and one of the girls who was a bridesmaid in the wedding. I wish that all of them were close enough to have dinner with us.

Thanks to my husband for not only taking such good care of me but for proof reading basically each and every of my blog posts (what a trooper!!!). xoxo