Friday, June 13, 2014

Visiting the country below Neverland

We just got back from a week of running around London with the family.

Did we go there only to visit Liberty of London?  Of course not.  Well, kinda, but there were a lot of other things to see and do.

The kids had ideas of what they wanted to do and so did the adults.  We found a pretty good happy medium where many of our top places were visited.

I'll be doing an upcoming post on visiting London if you're a person who likes to make stuff, and another version on what to do or maybe not do if you are traveling with little kids.

For now, let me just say it was perhaps the trip of a lifetime.  Lots more to come.  Still downloading photos from various places, phones, cameras, etc.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Japanese Silk Kimono Fabric

A dear friend of the family just returned from Nagano Japan and brought these silk fabrics home for me. 

They are 14" wide and were created for the sewing of kimono but I am very pleased to be their happy owner now!  

I have a small collection of these types of silks. The collection is small because they are very expensive. I used to get them at Kasuri Dye Works back when it was in business in Berkeley California about an hour from where I live. 

I'm hesitant to cut them but I should take the leap. 

Either way they are perfect and I really really love them. 

It has been extremely busy for our family this week. Superfun!  Will catch you up on it all very soon. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Socks

I would say I'm over the moon with these socks but it's more like over the rainbow. 

It has not been super warm yet for me so I am still getting a chance to wear these at night. 

The baseball season ended just in time for me to finish them. I can knit plain socks without looking at my hands so it gives me something to do but I still see all the plays. I often wish I could sew without looking too. 

I'm playing around with another appliqué skirt these days. When I have a quarter of it done I will grab some photos for you. It is extremely simple compared to the last one I made. 

Hope your summer is off to a good start. There are many more topics I need to fill you in on soon. Happy fun exciting ones. Ones that will warm your creative hearts. Stay tuned. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Crazy Hair Day

Many mornings I ask the boys if today is crazy hair day.  That is because they don't like to brush their hair or maybe because they just can't remember to do it on normal school days.
The only day when actually want to brush their hair is when it is actual crazy hair day.

Does that make any sense?  

Actual crazy hair day is when you slap as much goop into your hair as you can and get it as high as you can manage.

They looked brilliant this year, as they always do and my DH was behind their extremely cool looks.

Things have been busy for us lately with small changes to stitch here and there.  My lofty goals of finishing a quilt top in May have come and gone as have many distracting moments.

It will be good when more time comes along for creative work.  Until then, and moment or two here and there will have to do.  It's the ebb and flow of things I guess.

I hope you are having a great weekend and that your creative juices are flowing more freely than mine are at this very moment.

The photo above is from our last beach vacation as a family.  I was remembering how much fun it was and wanted to share it with you.