Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shall the lost actually be found?

Name:  First Argyle Sock for my darling 8 yr old
Born: April 5th, 2014
Date Missing:  April 25th, 2014
Missing From: my messy office, but your guess is really as good as mine

Not to rip off the formatting from the side of a milk carton missing person's report or anything here, but I think it's time to put the word out.

I've always wondered if those missing people actually run away because of some horrible situation they are in or if they just found love in some other place.

Perhaps either of those could apply to the missing sock (can socks fall in love?), but I am at a serious cross roads here.  

Do I press forward and knit another one with hopes that the lost shall be found?  Do I dare knit 3 of these things?  (my DH has stated a prophecy that the first sock will literally fall from the sky and land on my head the moment I finish the 3rd one if I end up knitting it)

The best solution seems to be to taking a sewing break for the short term.  

Maybe I should put 'If Lost Please Return To' tags on my projects ala Paddington Bear.   

Either way, if you have seen my sock, feel free to give it back.   Now!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Color Inspiration: Getting to know Emily Green

It's not easy to wear a macaroni necklace out in public, but I have been known to do so if a particularly good one comes home from school.

I've wondered if a more adult version exists for some time and I think I finally found it.

Emily Green is an artist that makes her own clay bead necklaces out of Australia.  I treated myself to her 18 bead creation called Beatrice.  It's hardly a small ornament, but I don't think she's going for subtlety and when I wear it neither am I.  What caught my eye was the bright purple in the lower right side.  That is one of my favorite colors right now.

If I wanted to put the most perfect combination of colors together with the right amount of each I'm not sure I could do as well as Emily has here.

And if you cannot resist a somewhat 'ugly' green color (like me) you should see her version called Lola.  This one is probably better for summer, but Beatrice matched my newly minted handmade skirt better so the decision was pretty easy.

I'm thrilled to own my very first Emily Green creation and I'm planning to save up for another one.  

If you see me on the street wearing it, you may get a sore neck straining to get another look at it.  It's really that pretty.

Hope that you're finding your own small thrills to help your week along.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Catkin by Carina Spencer and the inside joke

For some reason our TV brings up a screen saver tied to my flickr stream.  

My DH probably thought I would like it and my guess is he set it up in order to be sweet.

As a result of that, when the TV goes into 'sleep' mode, it often times shows photos of my quilting and knitting.

For some very very odd reason, it always wants to bring up pictures of a scarf that I made out of crochet some time ago.  

That said, every once in a blue moon it shows a photo of one of the kids playing sports or something, but it shows the scarf so often that my family has taken to cheering and applauding when photos of the scarf come up.  Which, frankly, is quite often.  They dance around the room and cheer as if our team has just won the world series or something.

Because of this annoying little inside joke, I am hesitant to create a flickr set for the new shawl I just knit.  I took a boat load of photos of it (as usual) but am not sure if the TV will pick them up or if the boys will start an applause campaign for it if it starts showing up too often.

I'm taking a chance anyhow, so enjoy more photos of this shawl on flickr if you dare.  Or stop by my living room and watch my TV screen saver if you like.

Notes about the knitting over on Ravelry (public link, no need to login) if you're curious about yarn and such.  It knit it up quickly because I was bent on having one just like my friend Marianne's that I showed you previously.

How about a standing ovation for my shawl.  The    crowd    goes    wild!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bloom Where You Are Planted

It's been busy for me lately for many reasons, some good and some less than fun.

My blog is of course my happy place so I'm taking a breath to think over what we have had to celebrate lately, and in truth it's a lot.

Counting my blessings in several places:

In the Garden:

- Veggies from the back yard are honestly my favorite foods.  They are so fresh that they still flap around on your plate.  We went to our usual nursery to get baby plants (no time for seeds this year, boo).  In Cupertino you can enjoy just walking around Yamagami Nursery or you can fill an entire cart full of plants, dirt, and colorful ceramic pots like I did.  Stay tuned for garden progress.  These plants look tiny now, but believe me, it will be a jungle in another couple months.

- Sculptural plants from Flora Grubb are often best in containers because they don't need a lot of water and like good drainage.  I planted one in a pot that I personally threw when I was in that ceramics class way back when.  Even in the odd ugly little pot I made it looks quite good if I may say so myself.

On the table:

 - Better weather is here finally triggering more BBQ meals.  My DH is the grill master and it makes for a lot less kitchen duties for me.  Woo Hoo, if that's not a blessing I don't know what is.

- Gold Forks - yes it is odd to use silverware that is gold in color, and quite unpopular these days probably but we're doing it.  I got an incredible set (using the term 'set' loosely) off ebay for around $40.  They look great, work well, and it's a fun switch up from the normal set.  Cheap thrills, bring em on.

On the needles:
 -  I finished knitting something recently, but will have to photograph it for you.  It's pretty cool.  More on that soon!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Argyle love

 I set out to knit a pair of argyle socks for my DH because after all he watched the boys while I took the class.

It turns out that these socks unfortunately fit our 8 yr old, and not my DH.  Oops.  Well, the boy is excited about them, even a little extra excited because he is getting them out from under the nose of his daddy.

I guess this means a second pair is in order.

The class I took was from Anne Berk, a wonderful teacher.  I would actually love to take another class with her.  She did a nice blog post about teaching our class where you can even see a photo of me and some girls from knit nite. 

I intend to buy her book when it becomes available.  It will probably be great.  Until then, I have about 3 more socks to make if not 5 if my younger boy chimes in.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Feeling Super

Recently one of my best friends knit a couple of one inch tall super hero characters for my boys.  I kinda wanted to steal them for myself, but they are very loved and take care of by the kids.

It made them feel super to get them and she did a super job of knitting them.  Well of course she did, she's a super knitter.

Anyhow, I'm finally feeling super myself after finishing my Alabama Chanin DIY skirt.  I work it around town last weekend and it was a lot of fun.

The girls a A Verb for Keeping Warm got a kick out of seeing it, as the all the employees at Heath Ceramics.  I felt like a rock star.

I hope to get back to Verb to their Alabama Chanin sew in event later this month.  It's on a week night so it will take some doing to actually end up there, but I hope to go.  If you're in the bay area, check it doesn't cost anything but you will want to register to hold a chair for yourself.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Alabama Chanin DIY Skirt: final progress report

You may be sick of hearing about my Alabama Chanin DIY skirt and if you are I have some good news for you.  It's almost done!

This is probably my last progress report on it.  From here on out I have a few evenings left of cutting out pieces but the sewing is finally done.  

Maybe I'll wear it on Easter or something.  Or maybe I'll just wear it to the grocery store.  It's a stretch goal to wear it to my monthly weekend quilting group on Saturday, but I think I might actually make that happen if I get busy in the evenings.  We'll see.  I guess I should probably get some photos of me wearing the finished garment too.

Last weekend we made a lightening fast trip to Chicago to visit a relative on my husband's side of the family, a trip that was long overdue.  Chicago is one of those cities that I think you could explore forever and never be done with it.  I always leave wanting more. 

Details about all that coming up next time.  Hope your week is going well and that you're finding a little time here and there for creative work.