Sunday, January 28, 2007

PQT #50

This album quilt appeared in issue #50 of Patchwork Quilt Tsushin. I love album quilts, and have all my blocks done to put one together.

It's a traditional green and red repro-looking album that could be directly out of the 1860's. Many of the Japanese quilt magazines cover the topic of album quilts.

I think it is because in Japan, there is so much interest in the details of things. A product is not a quality product unless all the details are finely presented. Similar to this is a baltimore album quilt. The more detail, the better, and the better the detail, the better.

Jeana Kimball is one of my favorite quilters. I have seen her patterns go on ebay for a LOAD of money, and still...she continues to sell them direct for just $5 each on her web site. I think that sounds like a pretty cool deal for such nice patterns.

I collect her books (in print and out)...but more about that another day.

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