Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Real Otaku's use Taupe

Otaku basically translates to "nerd". Video Game Otaku = video game nerd...Quilt Otaku = quilting nerd. Otaku put waaaaaaay too much time into their passion of Japanese culture of some sort. The sort that I'm into happens to be the quilting sort.

This quilt is called Taupe Impressions, and it was completed in 2004.

Fabrics I used are 100% imported from Japan. I bought most of them at Carolea's Knitche quilt shop, which just closed its doors last summer.

It was my favorite quilt shop in the universe, located in Sunnyvale, California. They carried a TON of these awesome fabrics that fall into the general category of "taupe". Basically, fabric comes in range of colors, all colors really, but are generally muted.

You can find these fabrics online as well.

I was shocked when I was reading through my quilting journal and discovered this quilt was the last entry. I have done tons of projects since, but no entries...ok, must catch up now.

Speaking of shocking, when I was getting home from work tonight, I jumped out of my car, (OK, not the world's most mature vehicle) and my foot got tangled in my backpack, and I landed face down on my lawn.

Thank God it was already dark!

Final thought/question - is Zelda for Wii really all that interesting? My jury is still out!

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Jamii said...

I need to spend more than 5 minutes playing Zelda before we pass judgment on it. I haven't played a Zelda game (or owned a Nintendo console) since the NES. However, my impression of the opening sequence and first 5 minutes of gameplay is that Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii is a poor combination of Shadow of the Collossus and Okami with graphics quality somewhere between PS1 and PS2 quality.

But with all the glowing reviews of the game there must be something to its gameplay and storyline so we have to get at least a few hours in before we really pass some kind of judgement on it.

BTW (to the masses) the Quilt Otaku especially deserves that title since she often quilts while watching me play Japanese video games or while listening to said game soundtracks in the car.