Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Playing Favorites

Pepsi vs. Coke.

Everybody has their own personal favorite.

Mom vs. Dad.

Well, I'll be truthful here, it hurts, but I'm definately #2 in our little household.

I know, it's no fun to be #2, but there's the hope of improvement and I will be working on a plan to kick my husband out of that #1 slot. He thinks it's funny that I'm after his spot, but it all in good fun.

When the baby wakes up in the morning, he will not be satisfied until his daddy holds him. Maybe if I let him play with the Wii remote or something, I can attract him back to my favors.

Anyhow, here's to regaining mindshare.

Oh, and by the way, my Dear Jane blocks are actually also taupe vs. 1850's repro's. For each block I make, I make 1 in 1850's fabrics (sister's wedding quilt) and one in taupe colors (for me...duh!).

1 comment:

Jamii said...

Honey, our Tiny Love (tm) changes his mind every few days regarding who is "#1". He will be sick of me soon enough, especially after your travel next week. I predict that the tides will turn the second you return from Japan.