Monday, February 26, 2007


We just got back from a weekend in Yosemite this afternoon. The winter wonderland thing was certainly happening. If staying there, in The Redwoods, I can highly recommend cabin 23B. No pets, no smoking, but that worked well for us. Think a trip back there would be awesome, and next time I'm bringing my quiltin' sister too.

So what does one do late at night, in a cabin, in the woods? Well...seeing as this one had electricity, it was only fitting to try out my mom's new Bernina! Yes, she ran out and bought one, in support of my new love for Bernina. I think she's trying to encourage me to get one. Not that I need encouragement. That machine is AWESOME! She taught me how to make this adorable bag, and how to use a zipper foot. So many mysteries solved. Will photograph the bag soon.

Quilting with my mom is such a rare treat. Too bad we don't do it more often.

Ok, so I love photography as well, and shot several rolls of film. Now for the development of the film. Yes, I said film. Ok, so I use a digital camera for my blog, but in my other life (as a photographer) I am still old school, and I love my film. Calypso over the mail maybe? Hm...

And Oh, the above image is a photo of one of the pin pal applique blocks that my little sister made for me. She's soooo talented, and sooooo exact. Just my kind of girl. Beautiful work.

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