Thursday, March 1, 2007


When I get myself into a situation where I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do, and there's a lot of uncertainty....and on top of that, the situation is pretty life changing...I start to get butterflies in my tummy.

They are pretty much there all the time. If I eat, if I don't eat. If I sleep, if I don't sleep. Sometimes it creeps up into my head. Headache butterflies, I guess I'll call them.

Not sure how long they will stick around this time, but anyhow, at least until tomorrow. Probably longer.

For the most part, I enjoy change, but in general I get attached to people and relationships, so that is always the hard part for me.

Well, enough about that.

The humbug bag above is a gift to my traveling friend Julie, who can put her little goodies in it while traveling the universe. I did another practice yo yo heart and tacked it on there. Oh so cute.

Even though the present time is a bit crazy and uncertain for me, I look to the past to remember people have survived much worse and larger things. Reproduction fabrics inspire me to calm down and take a deep breath.

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