Monday, March 12, 2007

Cherry blossoms

Here's a TINY cherry blossom that I made with the clover plastic template. I tacked it onto that humbug bag, just to spice it up a bit. Too much fun. Super tiny. I think I need to practice some more, and that maybe non-solids will look better, as solids show any and all imperfections.

My Japanese friend, Nancy, has turned me onto this awesome web site, where a quilter has decided to make all 300 blocks by Chuck Nohara in traditional Japanese fabrics. These blocks are sort of an extremely detailed Japanese version of the Dear Jane blocks. Wow - how pretty.

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Hanne said...

Ellen, the skilled block sewer will like to get in touch with you. She does not have a google account so she can not leave a comment on your blog, but if you contact me - my comment is replyable - I can give you her mail address. Regards, Hanne