Friday, March 9, 2007

First Day of the Rest of my Life

When I was a kid, my dad would always tell us that today, is the first day, of the rest, of your life.

Well, yesterday I resigned from my job of 7 years, in order to move on to another company also still in high tech.

Today was my first day not working. I have a little time off before I start the new job. I'm so excited and thrilled to spend some extra time with my favorite little person (baby?). Now that he's 18 months old, or he will be tomorrow actually, it hardly seems like we have a baby on our hands.

It's very strange to have left behind so many friends, but I don't really plan to lose any of them, so that is the good part I guess.

So, above is an amazing quilt that was given to me by the mom of one of my great friends I met through working with a team of Japanese co-workers. This girl is so amazing, and her mom gave me a TON of incredible quilted items. This wall hanging is for girl's day, I think. Hopefully I have that right.

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