Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Keepin' busy

Since I'm still on "vacation" I'm getting a bunch of quilting done. Our son, meanwhile, is tearing it up at the grandparent's place, playing with all sort of new toys.

Of course in my time off, we have been visiting just 1 or 2 quilt shops. We ended up at Rosie's in San Diego the other day. That place is really worth the visit. They have room after room of fabric, as well as a dedicated room for civil war repro's. That is some cool stuff. Most fabrics go for around six or seven dollars a yard, which is also really impressive. I managed to find some imported real live made in Japan fabrics by Westex for around $6/yd!! Score!

While I was floating around the repro room, I met this woman who was visiting from the mid-west. Her business is www.reproductionpatterns.com and it seems like a pretty cool site. I love the willow pattern, and think that it would be something I could get into trying.

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