Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Taupe applique

My favorite book right now, I think, is this Yoko Saito book on applique. I have been leafing through it and thinking that there is probably not one single block in here that I wouldn't like to make.

Have you seen these taupes by her that Lecien produced? Very pretty...I don't have any of these...yet.


dadsdotter said...


Where did you find Yoko Saito's book? Probably in Japan, right? ; ) Have you seen it for sale locally? The cover is so inpsiring that I would love to find one.


Marisa said...

Hi Annie.

Yes, it's true, I purchased this book in Japan, but it is one of those that is easy to get if you live in the U.S. is a good place to start. This book store has several physical stores in the U.S. (one right in the Cupertino, CA area). They will either have it in stock, or order it for you. You can pick it up in store, or I believe they will also mail it to you if you don't live close, but better double check on that. ISBN for this book is ISBN978-4-529-04331-1. Also, if you love this, you'll adore the paper pieced "sister" book, I'll blog about it soon. ISBN on that is ISBN4-529-04188-3 and it's called 156 original patchwork designs by Yoko Saito. It is equally incredible, and I consider both books a "must have". If you purchase them directly while in Japan they will cost around $25 (US) each, but are around $40 each if bought here. Happy quiltin!

Marisa said...

Sorry, one more thing, has a list of all the Kinokuniya shops in the states. Cheers!

Crazypatch said...

Me also. this book is fantastic, I love the owl'pattern