Sunday, April 1, 2007

Change of vision

I know that for all this time I've been discussing taupes, and Japanese style of quilting, but I think that it is finally time for me to have a change of my creative vision.

I'm done working with the muted colors, the detailed patterns, and the Japanese books that have patterns with complex motifs.

From now on, I'm only going to use American fabric, with bright and bold colors. The more busy, the more better. More is More! That is my new motto. Here's to a new, wilder, me!

Also, I find that rayon, polyester, and synthetics are more affordable, so I'll probably donate my current collection of cotton fabrics to a local quilt guild, and replace them all with new plastic-based fibers.

An excellent source of these will be recycled leisure suites.


biff's mom said...

marisa--let me know if you get this. or maybe i'll be able to see that you get it. i'm being a techn-tard right now. pattie

biff's mom said...

o.k. it went through-- i have now idea what i'm doing. o.k.-- i responding to your shift in styles and it sounds very exciting. however, may i caution you about the "throwing the baby out with the bath water" syndrome. don't give up your wonderful japanese fabrics and muted taupes. i gleaned through my fabrics not too long ago and got rid of a bunch and now i'm wondering what exactly i was doing at the time. in other words, i'm grieving a little. i'm really into using my scraps for authentic scrappy quilts--you know, the kind you have to do with what you have--to point of course. so i guess i'm a little leary of dramatic shift in styles. i, however, understand wanting to do something new. i did a batik quilt not too long ago and loved it--want to do more. but i still can't seperate myself for all those repos!!! i love them. i read about you and your mom's trip down to rosie's and just had to go this last week-end and bought a bunch of the jane austin line. so i'm happy now. anyway, hope you get this. "mrs." P
p.s.--love seeing your little guy at the park. he is sooo precious and your mom and dad are loving every inch of him. take care and lol

biff's mom said...

oh god! i just read my last missive and i made so many typos!! i hate typos, but i'm doing this without my glasses--sorry. pattie