Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mommy? Mommy?? Mommy!!

Being on business travel this week hasn't allowed for much time with my favorite little blog here, but I finally found a moment, so here's the latest.

My son is making his dad a bit nuts, crying "Mommy?" at every chance he gets. I haven't traveled for work since he's been able to talk, so I guess it's good to be missed. Good for me anyhow, I'm sure my husband could comment otherwise.

So what have I learned while I've been away?

1) It isn't easy to find applique pins in your purse when they are just floating around in there, and when you do find one it usually isn't the exact moment you are looking for it.

2) Kaizen is a Japanese term of trying to improve in and on-going way.

3) Annie Smith has a new podcast out, where she interviews her sister - how cute is this?

4) If you ever get sick and tired of working on your plumbing, you can check out this web site - "will it blend?" - for an interesting way to get out of working on your toilet. Thanks for fixing our guest toilet, honey, but don't try this at home!

Oh, by the way, my old work backpack had my old company name on it, so I threw this cute little taupe patch on there to make it work for my new environment! Once again, taupes save the day.


Unknown said...

It's nice to be missed, huh? Thank you for the translation of Kaizen.. that word floats around my office and i had no idea what it meant...

The Calico Cat said...

Nice taupe-over! (I have a mini tumbler template and plan to use my scraps to creat such a patch - on a grand scale... If I ever get up the nerve to cut into it at all!)

Sonya said...

I find that it never fails - I can never find my cell phone in my purse. Now applique pins, that must be like finding a needle in a ... you get the idea. Thanks for the link about kaizen, it jibes with ideas that have been on my mind. Nice to have a word to anchor them to.