Monday, April 16, 2007


I've never used Thangles before, so this is my first crack at it.

They are sort of a paper piecing method of making 1/2 square triangles. I have found them to be pretty cool, and very exact, especially for tiny sizes. This size is 3/4 inch. I didn't have the guts to start off with the 1/2 inch size. But...I'm think I could graduate there!


The Calico Cat said...

Nice, I like Thangles for scrappy projects. I am unsure of the sizes available, but Triangles on a Roll may be a better (similar) product for HST's that are all the same... Just an FYI (Kind of like the different applique methods - some work better for different parts that others - or for different people...)

Chara Michele said...

Just wanted to say thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog! Your work looks wonderful:)

lisa solomon said...

hi marisa!

i just want to say thanks for coming by my blog and saying hello!

really like these thangles - and you have reminded me i need to go by daiso. [sigh - it's dangerous there]

Amanda Jean said...

that is some pretty patchwork!