Thursday, May 3, 2007

Doll quilt - signed, sealed, delivered!

Now that my doll quilt partner has the doll quilt, and it's not a surprise anymore, I can post a picture for you to check out.

Sarah really likes it, so I'm glad that it has a good home with my doll quilt swap partner.

I must say that I really had a blast taking part in the swap, and would certainly try it again someday (after I get a billion other quilt projects done first). Thanks Lisa for putting it all together for us.

The best time to get quilting done is when you have some holiday or a 3 day weekend I think. In Japan, it's Golden Week, so I wonder how much quilting is going on there now. Alex of Moonstitches blog has some cool pix and links to what it's all about, if you're curious!

Tomorrow (or right now actually, since it's already tomorrow there) is Greenery Day - no not Green day - and is dedicated to celebrate the environment. I'll celebrate that anytime.


Jamii said...

Greenery Day’s here
Contemplate nature’s beauty
While piecing your blocks


(Husband not crazy
Wife asks for more posts on blog
Haiku’s solution... :)

Marisa said...

Haiku's from husbands
had better be darn cute ones
beware the couch-bed

The Calico Cat said...

Dream - as in I only dream about using it up - that will never happen, I already own more that I could possible use & I haven't stopped shopping!

Sonya said...

It has been so wonderful, seeing all these doll quilts. Your is so lovely!

Lynn said...

Your doll quilt is gorgeous.. I love your label on the back!

tut-tut said...

I love this!