Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

For the most part, I like to keep the people pictures and family photos for myself, and post up some quilty-crafty photos for you to enjoy.

Today, on my 2nd year of celebrating being a mom myself, I digress a tiny bit and post this recently recovered family photo.

I have a queen sized quilt that I've been wanting to quilt on my mom's longarm quilting machine. She ended up having to clean her entire sewing room, rearrange the whole thing, and move a bunch of furniture around in order to expand the bars on it to take my queen sized quilt top. (Yes, my mom is perhaps the best mom on earth.)

In so doing, she moved a piece of furniture that came from my dad's childhood home. In one of the drawers was this amazing picture of him as an 11 month old baby, with his mom, taken in 1935.

So here's to all you mom's out there, hope that you all had as nice of a day as I did.


Sarah said...

Hi Marisa thanks for stopping by, what a gorgeous blog you have, I loved your apple quilt, I started one my-self a few months ago and you have inspired me now to get in and get it finshed.

Lynn said...

What a cute photo! Can't wait to see the queen sized quilt!