Sunday, May 6, 2007

Quilt labels

I love copperplate calligraphy, and try to use it in my quilts either on the front or at the very least for that label.

I use pigma ink pens most often in black color and just go nuts with it writing whatever happens to come out of my brain. Perhaps someday I'll learn to plan this a bit, but haven't done much of that yet.

I am also interested in quilt restoration, and found this cool workshop. Not in my backyard, but still very tempting. More interesting words on antique quilts here.


susan said...

you do a wonderful job of lettering. and copperplate is so very pretty. do you just write it on muslin or a white broadcloth?
oh i have meant to tell i love the bit of quilt in your header. is the rest of it somewhere on your blog????

Marisa said...

Hi Susan.

I write on anything, but usually it ends up being 100% cotton Kona because that is what I usually use for my applique backs.

I don't think I've posted the entire quilt that I'm using for the banner on my blog yet..Will definitely have to do that. It's currently owned by the baby of my college best friend, so it's off being loved somewhere across town.

The pattern for this came from "Make it Simpler paper piecing" by Anita Grossman Solomon, ISBN 1-57120-222-6. The block is called X-quisite.

Sonya said...

Your penmanship (womanship?) is amazing. I love the idea of an inscription on a quilt, much like a book is inscribed.

The Calico Cat said...

Neat - both in concept & execution (oh & I love that fabric... - tree cookies? Or is that only an ex-science teacher term?)

Sarah Jayne said...

I love the label - I think I'll give it a go. Thanks for sharing the idea.

jenclair said...

I'd love to use your quilt label photo on a blog post. If you decide to give me permission to use it, I'd give credit and post a link. Thanks.