Friday, July 20, 2007


Hexagons seem to be in the air these days.

Be they quilted, or crocheted (like those from Moonstitches, one of my fav blogs!) it seems like people are getting into them this summer.

This is a grouping of less than 1 inch hexagons that I english paper pieced by hand and appliqued onto the outside of a purse. All the fabrics are by Japanese fabric companies, lots of Leicen and Westex brand.


Lisa K. said...

OOhhhhhhhhhHHHHhhhh. Mesmerizing. I love the colors and the little hexes.

LAURIE ANN said...

You are a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Thanks for sharing all that you do in Blogland!

You can read more about this, posted on my blog tonight and by visiting to pick up your badge and learn its history.

Congratulations--you deserve it!

Laurie Ann

Ulla said...

I love the soft colours.And so small pieces.Beautiful
Ulls in the north of Sweden