Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Odd eats

One of my favorite TV shows is called Good Eats. This pepper plant definitely falls into a category of it's own - Odd Eats!

My gardner friend gave me these plants she grew from seed, and asked me how the peppers were looking. I said that they did look a bit strange, as they were pointing directly up, instead of down, as most pepper plants do.

I have two of these darn things, and both of them have their fruits directly pointing at the sky. Is this rude? Is this normal? Should I eat them eventually? Even the garden guru said it was very strange and unusual. I'll probably eat them anyhow unless you can come up with a reason not to!

In other news, (this is huge, I'm superexcited) I put in my application to take a series of quilt appraisal classes from AQS in January at the Road 2 California quilt show.

Not sure if they will accept me yet or if the class is full, but keep a happy thought for me getting in!


Quilt Pixie said...

fingers crossed re the AQS course. I've never taken one of their's, but understand they are generally very well taught and organized...

Lisa K. said...

I had to laugh out loud at your question, "Is it rude?" That's so funny!

I grew up in Louisiana about 30 miles from the McIlhenny plantation, where Tabasco comes from. It's in the middle of a cool wildlife preserve with neat gardens and alligators. They have tours, and their pepper plants have peppers that grew straight up, too. So eating them should be fine, if a little hot!

Signed, The Asian Cajun

Jeanne said...

I have two of those pepper plants in my garden this year. My neighbor shared her extras and I was expecting a bell pepper plant. I'm not sure when I should pick them.

Jeanne said...

I think the pepper plant is a banana pepper. They can be mild to hot depending on the variety.