Friday, August 31, 2007

Farm girl fun

This is a picture from those awesome seam rippers that I mentioned. They are SO pretty, I cannot stop looking at them.

It almost makes me want to sew a wrong seam just so I can use one. Almost...

Mary Jane's Farm is on my top 5 favorites for magazines I love and adore. It's saying a lot because most of them on my list are not in English.

Mary Jane talkes about raising your own food, and how to eat organically and healthy.

Yesterday, we harvested a huge bunch of tomatoes from the garden, along with some basil, and spend the remainder of the evening making sauce.

We couldn't wait to try it and ended up eating a bowl of noodles at midnight!

It somehow tastes better when it comes out of your own garden.

We still have tons and tons of basil out there. Ideas as to what to use it all for? I'm thinking a pesto may be in my future...


Mama Urchin said...

You can freeze pesto or plain chopped basil in ice cube trays for use in the winter.

Jane Weston said...

Hi Marisa,

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just wanted to let you know that
if you want to have a go at the apron I got the bases of the pattern from here (scroll down third pattern on the left). I attached the straps to the angled bit and then try it on and adjust for size at the bib end. I made my straps 2 1/2" wide, but I think a little thinner would be's personal choice. My straps ended up being 34" long, but if you make them longer then you have some playing room for fitting.


Marisa said...

Wow, thanks for the cool tips Jane! I'll refer to this when I get around to it!! For now, I'm trying to bust out a quilt block for the baby's (baby?) 2nd birthday!

Felicia said...

MaryJane has a beautiful book too. I love to flip through it sometimes for inspiration.

Chara Michele said...

Those seam rippers look so nice! *Almost* might make you want to screw up just once so you could use it! :)