Saturday, August 11, 2007

Summer Harvest

This year our garden tomato crop strictly consists of heirloom tomato plants, specifically Maryanne Peace.

Yesterday, for the first time, we got a red one. With a little ceremony, we plucked it off the plant, lovingly carried it into the house, and sliced it up for our dinner.

It seemed like murder, but we didn't really care, as it was as delicious as any tomato in the history of tomatoes.

The Maryanne Peace specie is a rose colored tomato, which means it has lower acid levels so easy to eat and digest tons of them.

Wondering if we will get enough to make and freeze some sauce for later.


Mama Urchin said...

We haven't gotten any full-sized red tomatoes yet (we planted late) but we're getting grape tomatoes like crazy.

Kate said...

I am so missing the taste of real homegrown tomatoes. Can't wait for spring so I can plant some.

Yummers! said...

We are not getting many tomatoes this year and nothing as big as you have in your photo. We also have not had the rain we normally get... our grass is prickly to walk on. Oh well, the summer isn't over yet!

Chara Michele said...

Homegrown tomatoes sound yummy! I hope you get enough for some sauce!

Christina J. said...

This was our first year growing tomatoes and we started out with plum tomatoes. We've gotten a pretty good crop so far. I'm really liking the looks of your nice big tomatoes; maybe next year!