Saturday, November 17, 2007

Japanese quilt fabric on Etsy

What cool comments on the last post, thanks everybody for your thoughts!

I just got a package from a Japanese fabric seller listed on Etsy. There are some very cool ones out there. Some mentioned in the comments, thanks Oiyi and Nora!

Sonetine (my new fabric is from there, pictures soon)
Chocolate Swirl
A little goodness (shoot, just ordered a book!)
Sweet Flavor

Ok dangerous links. I won't tempt you with any more of them.

The above little bag was a free goodie when I signed up for a frequent buyer card at Anthropologie. Adorable!


Lynn said...

That bag is adorable, and I'm not even going to click on those links... they are so dangerous!

Oiyi said...

Yes, you have to be careful with Etsy. I have gotten almost all my Japanese crafting books/magazines from Etsy sellers. Dangerous for my credit card!!!

Chara Michele said...

I have to agree with lynn, that I probably shouldn't click on those links! They might cause me to spend money:)