Friday, December 28, 2007

Head Muff

I set out to knit my beloved husband an amazing little knit cap that would match his orange sweater and orange watch.

Somehow, the thing turned out so huge that it is sorta like a balaclava without eye holes.

Again, thinking I should stick to the quilting...and actually almost literally quilting while I type this...I may have to admit that this hat is more of a head muff than an actual hat. My husband lovingly wears in anyhow and my friends say that he just really adore me to wear it.

My young friend Katie has just started a new blog and has a post of another ugly homemade hat...I think my orange one is less ugly.

Serious deep bowing from me to you knitters out there. Wondering if there is any hope for me, and heading back sheepishly to my sewing machine.


Kates said...

HAHA your orange one is definitely less ugly than that kid's on my page. Oooh I love it. Jamie is so dashing. :]

Thanks for the shout-out on your super famous blog! I feel so cool now. Hahaha :P

Natalie said...

Gotta say he's terribly handsome... even in the hat... he makes the hat look good! Actually, if I could knit as well as you, I wouldn't give-up. I just started crocheting a hat for my sweetheart's birthday... talk about ugly! lol... I don't think he should have to wear my gift no matter how much he adores me!

Green Kitchen said...

It's Fat Albert style. What was that character's name?

Mama Urchin said...

Gauge - it's all about gauge. Maybe you should let someone wash it?

Natalie said...

A Cheeto! it just came to me.