Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...

My husband is up on a ladder right now putting up our Christmas lights. I cannot wait to see them in their full night-time glory.

Yesterday we visited Redwood city, as they trucked a couple tons of snow in for the California kids to experience "snow".

My son finally wore this little crochet hat that I made him last year, he loved it actually, so that was a nice surprise. Many snowballs were launched, and fun was had by all, including soggy me.

The taupe quilt for my mom below was mostly from a pattern book from Kumiko Fujita - ISBN4-579-11078-1. Kinokuniya can order this for you. Purl has a different book for sale by her.

The rest of the little blocks were from Elly's new smaller baltimore album book. Also a very nice resource book.


Jelly Wares said...

Your little son looks too cute for words with his little beanie on.... I love the quilt that you made for your Mum, very beautiful work!! In reply to your comment on my blog.... I too have too many fabrics, but I'm sure that my pile would'nt be as big as yours so a couple more metres won't hurt... LOL


Natalie said...

We need to track down some snow too.

Zegi said...

Maybe not for kids, but snow fall is best experienced through a pretty window while sitting in front of a cozy fire!

Lynn said...

When I first saw your photo I thought, wow, did I miss the snow around here? Glad to hear your son likes his beanie!

Leigh said...

Love the photo. Your crochet hat is adorable!

Kathie said...

that hat is just so cute!
glad he likes to wear it now.

Chara Michele said...

Snow! :) Looks like fun for the little ones:)