Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My sister is ANNOYING!

It's a Santa beard! from a small quilted wall hanging, "Button Claus".

First of all, you must know that my sister NEVER reads my blog.

She's a busy girl, lots going on, works tons, plays tons...I really cannot blame her for not reading.

The ONE TIME that I do a brain teaser post, with a picture from a project that we made together...she reads my blog and guesses the teaser!

It's like those separated at birth twins that end up buying the same make and color cars or something. She's really freaking me out a bit here.

Anyhow, I do adore her, and she did guess the teaser. Thhhhhhhhpppt.

Amy, however, did not even take the class with us and also guessed it, so bonus points for you Amy!! My goodness her blog Ibby Bee is beautiful.

So much else going on - getting tagged again, awesome happy-mail from Quilt pixie...oh so much more to say...next time.


lilly piri said...

heeh cute santa! i like your ami frog too.

Oiyi said...


Leigh said...

Well, I would have never thought it!! He is wonderfully adorable though!!!

One Love Photo said...

That santa is so darn sweet! Love the idea of a button beard...perfect!

Anonymous said...

Your sister is annoying? You gotta meet mine! She does the same things to me and says she is too busy to concern herself with blogs. (she really doesn't have much to do)