Monday, January 28, 2008

Liberty, Freedom, Emancipation for Yarn Balls!

When I flew down for my quilting classes, I brought a knitting project to work on a little bit on the plane. It is a hat for a friend of my son.

I sat down, got comfy, and took out the last yarn ball that I was going to use on the hat.

By the time the plane hand landed, I had not yet gotten to the point where I needed to use the last ball, and it rolled under the seat in front of me, without my noticing.

I was so excited to get off the plane, and see my mom and all of that, that I never noticed it was gone.

A couple days ago, I hopefully stopped at the knit shop and bought another one.

Lucky me, same dye lot.

Oh, and I went to the best coffee house in all of San Jose, CA last weekend - Bearfoot Coffee. The have a creme brulee like coffee drink w/ caramelized sugar on top. My husband declared it the best coffee on the planet.


Chara Michele said...

Oh my! Good thing you were able to find another one in the same dye lot! :)

dutchcomfort said...

I love the colour of the yarn. I’m surprised you were allowed to knit on the plane. I thought needles were forbidden luggage. Isn’t it great the shop still hade the same dye?

Donna said...

lucky you locating the same dye lot!

Jamii said...

Not only can you bring knitting and crochet needles on board as carry-on, you can actually bring small sharp scissors (blades up to 4" in length) on board according to the TSA.

I checked this out just before we flew down to Ontario for the show.

TSA Permitted and Prohibited Items

I am not sure about sewing needles though. You would think that if you could bring a 4" sharp pair of scissors that you could bring a <4" sharp needle, but since the TSA doesn't explicitly mention it I would hate to chance it.

Leigh said...

You were very lucky finding the same yarn/dye lot!!! It is a beautiful color!

Kates said...

Ooh, bearfoot cafe! I used to go there a lot in high school, they have live music on Tuesday nights. :]

And that yarn is gorgeous, I loooove the color.