Saturday, July 5, 2008

Quilts Japan #123

Picking up my latest copy of Quilts Japan was a big highlight before the holiday weekend.

This issue is very floral-themed although the techniques and fabric families used are all over the map.

There is an awesome taupe quilt with flowers on p. 34 that really caught my eye. It has scalloped edge treatments. I have yet to attempt this, but have always wanted to try it. It's just such a beautiful way to finish off a quilt.

Some interesting Hawaiian block patterns are also included. Hand applique - you know I can never get enough of that.

The best part of this issue is the CRAZY block pattern for the quilt on the cover, and featured on p. 8-9 as well. It's sort of a star/Dresden plate block with diamonds around the outside.

Oh what an undertaking this would be for a bed-sized quilt...ah, but wouldn't this be adorable in taupe fabrics as well? Seriously, what doesn't look good in taupe fabric...

I also shipped off a DVD with files for a photo-study I did. My sister was wanting some photographs of shells for her newly redecorated room. Hopefully she will like them.

I've also been dreaming of visiting SFMOMA's exhibit by Frida Kahlo before I get too tired/pregnant/huge to run around in a museum. Looks like tickets book well in I don't have the baby in the middle of the exhibit!


Katie said...


do you want to teach me to crochet? i'm just assuming that you know how cause.. you know.. you're marissa.

i found these paterns for sale online that i am like, in LOVE with. or, at least i love the outcomes. whether or not mine woudl come out like that is yet to be seen, but i would love to try!

lemme knowwww :]


p.s. hanging with you guys and addison last night was WAY fun! :D

Amy said...

Isn't that a SUPER issue of Quilts Japan?? Ai yi yi, I love it so!