Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alden Lane Nursery Quilting in the Garden 2008

This afternoon we had the treat of attending the Alden Lane Nursery Quilting in the Garden event in Livermore, California.

It turned out to only be about a thirty minute drive from our house, and we didn't run into any traffic, so it was a breeze to get there.

Tons of quilts were hung up over the nursery's plants. They put up clothes lines and clothes pins to hold the quilts up. Below you can look at all the amazing plants they have for sale.

This year there was even a little jazz band for entertainment, as well as snacks for lunch and cool drinks. That was a good thing, since it was over 90 degrees out there!

For the kids there was a play area that was seriously cool. They sell play structures, so they have huge ones for 'demo' purposes. Our 3 yr old loved it. They even had a maze made out of hay bales.

I put a little slide show together on Flickr for you to enjoy. Not as good as being there, but it will hopefully be close enough.

Oh, and just ran into the cutest blog ever - Mint Basil. Check it out if you have a sec. I'm jealous of her recycled Japanese newspaper basket.


Zegi said...

What a beautiful slide show! Lucky you to be able to attend.

Gay Bomers said...

Your slide show is wonderful. I love the way you combined the pictures of the quilts with other things going on and beautiful sculpture and flowers. Everyone should grap a cup of tea or coffee and take a relaxing break.

Judy said...

Oh I love seeing pictures of this show every year, thanks for taking and showing such wonderful pictures!

Caron at Michigan Quilts said...

That is such a pretty quilt! Love it!

Unknown said...

there was one in there... that looked like a landscape... with giant pixels in the bottom left corner. I loved that one!