Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NO THANK YOU, Thanksgiving!

Have you ever had such bad tummy troubles that you stayed in bed for the next 3 days and even 5 days afterwards still did not feel 100% like yourself?

If so, then you know why my Thanksgiving this year was what I will just call "less than fun" in order to spare you the juicy details.

The only thing nice about it was that my folks helped take care of the boys while I was down for the count.

Wondering what Christmas gift to get for the the quilter that has everything in your life?

How about a pair of scissors by Bagsmith? Made in France, with handles that look like the Eiffel Tower (or a bunny...or even mother of pearl!)....who wouldn't want a pair to just slip into their applique bag?!

Yarn balls above are from Purl Soho's Koigu yarn collection which I picked up when I was recently at their warehouse in Tustin, California. I met Jennifer Hoverson (sister of Joelle), co-owner of Purl. I must say that Jennifer is even more beautiful and lovely than her fabrics and yarns.


Karissa said...

Oh, sorry to hear you were sick! :(
Those scissors are too cool!

Liz said...

My Thanksgiving last year was awful - my daughter broke my nose...

Jessica said...

Have you tried these?

Whole Foods carries them, they're stocked with the yogurt.

I used them during a two week course of antibiotics and they saved my life.

Hope you feel better!

Oiyi said...

Those scissors look amazing. Hope you are better by now.