Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let them eat cake

Traveling by car from the bay area to Orange County in Southern California is certainly an interesting undertaking with two kids. They were both on their best behavior, but it takes us about 10 hours instead of the 6 that it once took back in the days of yore.

It was a wonderful visit, and seeing our family & friends at Christmas was so awesome. On the way home we stopped at a little town called Paso Robles, on the central Californian coast. We discovered this amazing bakery called Two Little Birds Bakery, and fell in love. Amazing coffee and the red cupcake is worth fighting over. We met the girls who own it, and they were so very charming and didn't mind a bit when we did a little nursing off in the corner.

Also in Paso Robles is a quilt shop called Wine Country Quilting. We had a few moments to check it out. It was very friendly, although none of the fabric was what I'm personally really interested in, they had a lot of popular American designer's fabrics there.

My favorite surprise gift of this Christmas? It had to be my gift certificate to Purl Soho. Thanks Ray and Jen! How did you guys ever know that I would love that? Perhaps it will fulfill my craving for some alphabet fruit fabric!

What was your fav surprise gift this year?


Kates said...

Hmmmm, favorite surprise gift? I think mine was the really pretty ring that Daniel got me for Christmas/our one year anniversary. Yay!

By the way, I'm beginning to miss your comments over on my little blog.. Have I lost contact with you? :(

Love! I'm glad that you enjoyed your Christmas! :)

Oiyi said...

A Purl Soho GC is a great surprise present. Mine was the AddiClick needle set.

kathleen said...

my fave surprise gift ever?
1932 Underwood typewriter Nick got me... with paper in it that he typed a little love note on.
fave surprise gift this year?
Cook with Jamie cookbook.

ooooooh the romance. lol.

love your photo!! looks like red velvet cupcakes.......