Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yosemite in winter with kids

After several days of rest in Yosemite, I have discovered that it is indeed possible to enjoy some winter fun, even with kids along for the ride.

My husband and I used to be crazy wild ski bums. We would try to get up to the snow as often as we could.

Once the kids arrived, we did much less of it, but it turns out that Yosemite is a cool place for kids in winter.

We ice skated in the shadow of Half Dome on the outdoor rink. Check out a cool picture of it here...I hardly had a free hand to skate let alone photograph this place. That was probably my favorite part. We did some sled runs in Curry Village Toboggan Hill, as well as on the golf course at Wawona. Fun was had by all.

On the way there and back I made some progress on a sock I'm am learning to knit. Pix soon, I promise.


Alycia said...

lovely picture! i went to Yosemite in the summer and it was soooo hot! looks much cooler now :)

Wind River Quilting said...

Beautiful picture from Inspiration Point. I have pictures from this same spot going back to about 1965. I love Yosemite, it is one of the one the America's most beautiful National Parks.