Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quilted Undergarments

This is a photo of a quilted pantie that I designed and made.

Little did I know that I would eventually get a contract from Nordstrom to mass produce them.

They loved them so much that I've been offered a part time position on their board of fashion directors as a quilted undergarment designer.

Good thing I'm not the only one designing quilted undergarments for people who love to do quilting.

Today I also heard back on my application to be a Project Runway contestant next season, and they accepted me! I've always wanted to be on that TV show.

And for those of you still using those pesky old needles and threads to hand applique, please check out Quilt Flap's new method of using glue instead. What an excellent idea and time saving measure.

Anyhow, today's April Fool's day, and of course NONE OF THE ABOVE IS TRUE, but isn't it good craic to have some fun once in a while.


AnnaVallance said...

I was so excited for you until I read your whole post. Good fun.

Cecile said...

Oh my !!! almost believed you !!!

Lynn said...

Hilarious. I was so confused about the quilted panties..

Funny though.. when I got to the last one I thought it was true... see, I just discovered glue basting... and that's what I thought you were talking about!

Natalie said...

You got me good.
Here's where my brain was going:
Cheers! What awesome news and happenings.

I have to admit, like Lynn, I was really trying to figure out the quilted panties angle... hilarious!

Ravenhill said...

You nearly had me! What a riot! You are terrific and a wicked good liar! Sooooo funny! I hope you had a fun day! :D
~hugs from Emily who is still laughing... quilted panties! who knows maybe you have something brilliant there!?

Journeying Five said...

caught me, one day late, i thought the project runway was pretty cool!

jennifer said...

oh my gosh, you are too funny!

Helen said...

I am clapping you, very good fun!

kathleen said...

that's mean! I read this on april 7th when it was no longer april's fools so I bought it.. up until the project runway bit - which I knew you wouldn't leave your lovely lovelies (kids) for!!!

Liz said...

Too funny. You had me - hook, line and sinker!

Kates said...

So, raise your hand if you totally thought some of this was true before the end of the post.

*raises hand*

Marisa you're so mean! Hahaha, I remember when you made the quilted g-strings, my mom was freaking out about them. Classic! :)