Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple Picking and The Winner Is...

Thanks for entering Annie Smith's awesome online, global quilt class give away.

The random number generator picked out comment #9, so it looks like the happy winner Cheryl! Send me your email address - note: mine is quilt(dot)baby(at)hotmail (dot) com and I'll pass it along to Annie so she can enroll you.

I'm sure you'll find Annie's class pretty awesome.

We went apple picking yesterday and had a blast although it was super hot and towards the end we were ready to drink our fresh pressed juice and head home.

Ages ago I made a little apple quilt for a fellow blogger, and I've always toyed around with making another one. Guess I'll be adding that to my ever-growing-to-do-list. It certainly is growing much faster than I can mark things off.

Making a pie is starting to bubble up on that list.

And getting one of these split ring keys is on my list now too.


Unknown said...

Hey Marisa! I felt bad about leaving early yesterday from our apple picking adventures... I came down with a pretty bad head cold as soon as we drove over the hill. I'm staying home sick today :( Hope your LO's don't get it!!! :(

That juice is certainly amazing though!!!

Cheryl said...

Marisa, Thank you for offering to give away a chance to win a class with Annie. I am so grateful. I have emailed you my email address. But wanted to tell you a funny story. I discovered and donated to Annie's podcast back in January to receive all the older podcasts. I listen to them sparingly as I don't want to rush through them. I am now on podcast 80 and to my suprise on this show I heard your voicemail to Annie and learned more about your blog. I just wanted to say thanks again and I love your blog.