Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Today I took a yarn making class at this super cool shop in Berkeley, California called A Verb for Keeping Warm.

Owner Kristine Vejar (show above) was there dying away, making more one of a kind yarn for folks to make into beautiful knitted items. I was so very tempted to buy tons of yarn, but I resisted. Ok ok, I bought a bunch of roving instead.

My class was taught by this really awesome teacher who goes by WonderMike on ravelry, and even has his own podcast (I think that makes him famous!) called Fiber Beat. He's super passionate about fiber, spinning, and knitting, so I'm already looking forward to next week and thinking I'd better start downloading his podcast.

We learned all about how to use a drop spindle, and I even made a really tiny amount of seriously funky looking yarn.

A drop spindle is tiny and according to some, all you really need in order to make yarn.

I decided to try a really basic drop spindle - the Hi-Low version by Schacht.

So what's next? Well, a bit of homework, to spin some yarn so we can make a 2 ply next time.

Oh yeah, and squeeze some quilting in too. Guess it will be another busy week.

Have any short term project goals in plan for your coming week?


Una said...

My - that sounds like fun! Would love to see your 2 ply:) Those colors in the mosaic are gorgeous. Enjoy your next class!

Lis said...

Your post reminded me of when I was teaching (10 year olds). Got the children spinning using a drop spindle of a pencil with a lump of plasticine on the bottom, worked really well!

Oiyi said...

Welcome to world of spinning! I never could manage with a drop spindle, but I took the wheel after a few tries. I might try spindling again now that I understand spinning on a wheel.

marianne said...

Great photo mosaic and I can't believe you posted so quickly! I hope your spinning is going well. We should have half done by tomorrow, right? :)

Ravenhill said...

How wonderful and advanturous you are! You manage to make lovely things in so many creative venues. I am most impressed in your latest forray. So cool that you are learning to make your own yarn! My mom spins. She has belonged to a local spinnig group for many years and makes beautiful yarn and then garments from it. I love looking at and feeling handspun. Nothing like it. Thanks so much for sharing your newest endeavor.

Did I tell you I am likely going to get to attend a Yoko Saito course in March? I am so excited! I have been buying taupes and her books in anticipation! I love the looks of her latest book that you so kindly shared on a previous post.
Happy day to you!