Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Hannah Quilt Block in Japanese Taupe Fabric

Another little Dear Hannah taupe block is complete and my collection of them continues to grow.

I used Japanese taupe fabric and the freezer paper applique method. It came together pretty quickly. It takes me longer to cut out the fabric and iron it than to actually applique the pieces down. This block is B-2.

Behind my block is the new book my darling sister got me for Christmas. "I Heart Patchwork" by Rashida Coleman-Hale.

Rashida's blog I Heart Linen is of course very famous, and her work is so very Japanese and perfect in every way. I'm sure you read her blog already, but if you don't perhaps you want to start.

Twins' Garden Style Blog is another place to stop if you're looking for a fresh blog with some beautiful photos and inspiration.

One question for you - Has anybody out there used MagCloud to self publish a magazine? I'm thinking it sounds like a really interesting way to get a collection of your photos out there.

Oh, and finally, the baby is at last feeling better so thank you all for your words of encouragement. He is finally back to his bouncy giggling self. Whew!


sewpam63 said...

LOVE your Dear Hannah taupe blocks! ; ) http://sewpam63.wordpress.com/

Ravenhill said...

I agree, your Dear Hannah taupe blocks are just gorgeous! You are doing well to make so many of them.

Karen said...

I like the taupe colored fabrics. It looks good in your Dear Hannah block!