Monday, July 12, 2010

A Touch of Amish quilt shop in Barrington Illinois

On our recent vacation, on the way back towards the Chicago airport, we were rushing to get to my favorite quilt shop - A Touch of Amish located in Barrington Illinois.

What better way to finish off a vacation than to take already overstuffed luggage and cram a few yards of fabric on in there too.

We were cursed with traffic on the way to this shop and I was sure that we would not actually get there before they closed at 4pm. (4pm is way too early for a quilt shop to close)

My husband was driving with purpose and we pulled up in front of the shop only 4 min before closing.

I ran in and the ladies working there did want to go home and all, but they were pretty tolerant of my late shopping anyhow.

I bought a bunch of civil war reproduction fabrics and headed on my way.

This is still my favorite quilt shop on the planet. If you are in the area, I would recommend a drop in. Perhaps if you get there very close to closing time, you'll spend slightly less money.

When I find a better quilt shop, I'll let you know. For now - this place is #1 on my list. Ok that is #1 on my American list. Yuzawaya is still #1 in Japan of course.


Colleen said...

So glad they let you in. That would have been a real bummer to miss your fav shop.

AnnaVallance said...

Glad to hear you made it to your favourite shop just in time.

Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop said...

Next time you come out, drive about 10 minutes farther on Rt. 14 and you can visit Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop in Fox River Grove. We specialize in Civil War Repro fabric and we are open until 5! Tuesday and Wednesday we are there until 9.