Monday, August 30, 2010

Unwanted Guests: Buh-Bye

The last week has been just crazy for us.

We had our house fumigated so we ended up moving out for a while and taking a fair amount of our belongings with us.

I still have yet to unpack my suite case but at least we are not in a hotel anymore.

As an attempt to relax, I pulled out a really old project this week. It's a giant 1890's era nine patch quilt that I bought as a quilt top and basted together so I could quilt it by hand.

It's been a while since I have quilted through all 3 layers with my little thimble, and it reminded me that I do love doing it.

Hope your week is off to a better start. I was just happy when we located the coffee filters. More when the dust clears.


Lis said...

Glad you're back home and bug-free. Hand quilting is so therapeutic, I'm sure it will help you re-settle nearly as much as the coffee will!

Kathie said...

here is to a great new year.
I also look at Sept as the start of the year....
I guess 16 years of kids in school does that for youngest is away at college now and boy does it feel weird not having to drive her to school and pick her up...parent teachers meetings....volunteering at the school
enjoy every minute of your children they grow up waaaayyy to fast.

Colleen said...

Yaaa! No more bugs!! :)
I wish I was there to help you unpack. Thinking of you.