Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quilt Hoop - which one is best?

We still have hot weather here, so strawberry picking is a worthwhile activity. We plucked a couple buckets of them after the apple picking was done last weekend.

When it comes to hand quilting, I've found that size really does matter.

I have an embarrassing number of quilt hoops but for the most part I use my 18" floor hoop that I got from Hinterberg on a usual basis.

I also have their 22" hoop, but I find that it is a bit on the big side for me and I have trouble reaching the other side.

How big's your quilt hoop? Got a favorite one? Maybe I need just one more?


Colleen said...

Those strawberries look so yummy! Make me some jam... please.... :)

Jay said...

I don't use a hoop or a frame. I learned to quilt without using either. As long as the quilt is thread basted really well, the layers don't shift and it's easy to move it around as I work. I addition, my bottom finger doesn't come in contact with the needle. I learned this technique from a award winning teacher here in Central New York. Happy Stitching! Jay