Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fantastic Fabric Folding: Folded Flowers

When I was thumbing through my latest copy of Quilts Japan May 2011 Issue #140, I was reminded of how pretty folded flowers can be.

On page 44 of this issue there is a little wall hanging of folded flowers where the blocks are made from tiny floral print fabrics.

This got me to thinking about the possibility of making folded flowers out of Liberty of London fabrics. Although it would be a decent chunk of work to undertake a quilt like this, it is hard to resist the temptation to start something up.

As an experiment, I took some small floral fabric and worked one small block up to see how hard it is to do. The pictures in Quilts Japan were helpful, but of course the text is in Japanese (which I cannot read).

I then remembered that I somewhere had a copy of Fantastic Fabric Folding by Rebecca Wat. This book was published back in 2000 and is still available at Amazon here.

On page 25 there are nice diagrams with explanations in English that help you make these cute little flowers. The book itself has lots of other cool folded fabric flower projects too.

Not starting a big new quilt project tonight or anything - after all it's almost midnight - but tomorrow is another day!

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Natalie said...

I have no business asking, but I can't stop my curious-optimist mind... are the edges finished, or folded out of sight? Oh! The many temptations we find in this wondrous blogosphere!