Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Berry picking adventures and the 20 year annoyance

Last weekend we went picking berries and the kids had an awesome time. We picked something like 12 lbs of Olallieberries and Boysenberries at Gizditch Ranch in Watsonville, CA.

The 2 yr old ate WAY more than he picked.

I am working on the design of the next modern house block of the month. This one is based on a home located in Palo Alto, CA. It's very boxy and has incredible old trees all around it. Lots of green fabric this month.

In annoying news, my darling high school friend reminded me that we have a reunion coming up in September.

At dinner I mentioned this to my husband (and of course said I have no interest in going) but I told him I thought it was like our 10th or 15th reunion or something.

He ANNOYINGLY reminded me that it's probably more like my 20th high school reunion, so I've been freaking out over that all evening.

Really? Can it be? So soon?

Maybe I should not confess this to you all as I am probably showing my oats here, but sheesh, it's true!

For those of you who are way younger than me, and you know who you are (especially those youthful babes in my weekly knitting group), pleeeeeeeeease do not make fun of me for being so darn old.

And for those of you who have had the guts to attend reunions for your 30th year, or 40th, or perhaps 50th (as I belive my dad may have actually done), you have to let me in on how you keep young at heart. From what I can gather, it's an art not a science.

Off to go apply my wrinkle cream.....


Julie Fukuda said...

Ah, my friend, "old" is just a state of mind. Enjoy those berries!

Patty said...

My 20th is next year. Yikes! I'll happily go IF I can get these last ten baby pounds off. grr.

Steve said...

Marisa, I had to laugh at your comments about being old. It is truly just a state of mind, well and an occasional ache and pain. 2014 will be my 40th high school reunion, but I doubt I will go. I don't want to hang out with all those "old" folks. :)

Susan said...

The berries were so darn good!!! And your so not old! Wrinkle cream is so not needed, unless that's your secret!

Kathie said...

good for you making memories like berry picking with your children
just fun times we talk about with my DD who are in their 20's
well one is almost 20!
good luck with the wrinkle cream that cracked me up!