Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthday Quilt Block

The kid birthday extravaganza has finally drawn to a close.

I for one will miss this time of the year.  As soon as it's over I feel a small twinge of relief as the prep and execution is complete but there is a big swell of sadness as it really is my most favorite couple days of the year.

We had a gathering for some of the boy's school friends at the ice rink, and even some tiny 2-yr-olds got out there and scooted around on the ice.  It was magical.  My older son decided he can now skate without leaning on the 5 gallon buckets or clinging on the side of the wall.  I was so proud.

All four grandparents were present and accounted for which was the icing on the cake of the entire event.

I made birthday signature blocks for them and will be adding them to the collection of blocks.  On their 16th birthday I'll turn them all into a quilt to enjoy the history of all the celebrations of the past.  I like to use a black size 05 pigma pen for the inking, and I iron on some freezer paper to the back for added stability.

The kids to came to the party were sent home with handmade goodie bags.  I was so rushed to get everything together I didn't get a good photo of all 20+ of them together, but I will have to show them to you anyhow in a future post.

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Julie Fukuda said...

What a treasure those will be. I'm sure all those memories will come back to you too as they are put together. We can't get our whole family together very often but last time we did I tool my grandson's "big boy" quilt backed in zodiac tenugui and asked everyone there to sign on their animals.Family=fun!