Monday, September 26, 2011

Liesl by CoCo Knits: a sweater just in time for fall, and a lesson on what not to say to a woman

I finally finished knitting a sweater for myself, just in time for autumn.

The pattern is by Julie Weisenberger of Coco Knits and is called Liesl.

I used natural dyed sock yarn (super wash Merino) in the Octavia colorway by Verb.

Knitting this sweater was EXTREMELY enjoyable.  Even as somebody who doesn't really know how to knit, it was a piece of cake and I loved every last stitch of it. 

This is the first full sized knit garment I have made for an adult.

When the top of the tank was finally sewn together, I modeled it for my sons and said, "What do you think of this new sweater that I knit?"

The three year old looked up at me with his beautiful blue eyes and said:

 "Oh Mommy I really like look like you have a baby in your belly!"


I'm trying to be objective here (maybe I knit it, so I'm biased?)  I don't think it makes me look any bigger than I am.  Judge for yourself on my project page on ravelry if you dare to see the full photo.  Pls note that I AM NOT pregnant.

We did proceed to have that conversation that stems on the central concept that you should not imply that a woman might be pregnant unless you see an actual dangling head sticking out.

Sigh...I hope he learns a thing or two about women along the way, if only for the sake of my wanting grandchildren in another 30 years.


Marydon said...

Too cute your child ... love your knit vest. The color is so warm.

Have a beautiful week ~

marianne said...

I'm reading this while eating my lunch at work and almost spit out my bagel from laughing. Especially since I can just picture him saying it. Adorable. And I think your Liesl looks great! I want to make one too!

Rebecca - said...

You're looking very slim these days, not at all pregnant looking! It must just be his perspective from 3 feet lower looking up. Cute sweater.