Monday, September 5, 2011

Long weekend R&R

This 3 day weekend was really restful and more or less spent with my boys.

A couple of weeks back we had silhouette artist Karl Johnson create cut-outs of our boys, and I'm really happy with the results.  It was fun to have them done in person and the cut outs do look like them.

This weekend I did a small bit of quilting, a bunch of spinning (which I will need to elaborate on in my next post) and a LOT of eating. 

I try not to put a bunch of food photos up on my blog because when I'm surfing out there looking for cool crafty inspiration the last thing on earth I want to do is get hungry.  I may have to share my recipe for ratatouille with you.  We have so many veggies coming out of the garden right now, it was an awesome way to eat them up and only makes a single dirty pot.  Interested? 

Hope your weekend was awesome.

Oh and if you haven't smelled the flowers above yet, they are Chocolate Cosmos and yes they really do smell like chocolate!

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