Saturday, November 19, 2011

1st Grade Humor

My son says, "Mommy, what's your name?"

I say:  "Mommy"

He asks, "What's this body part?" (pointing to his nose)

I say: "Nose"

Him:  "What's in my hands?" (holds up both hands making a little cup of air)

Me: "Nothing"

Get it?  Mommy knows nothing!

Ok, try that on your friends if you need to lighten up the mood.  Isn't first grade the best?

Our weekend is basically house chores and the quiet before Thanksgiving. 

For my eyes:  Looking at all the finished modern house blocks in taupe fabrics makes we want to finish up the rest of them.  I think they all go together pretty well.

For my ears:  I've been listening to a couple of podcasts and some music
  • Knitmore Girls episode 136: I wrote in and asked a question about plying spinning fiber and they answered my question on the show.  How cool is that?! 
  • Spin Doctor eipsode 26:  half way through this episode, but it talks a lot about using dye on fiber and is pretty interesting.  Very informative interview with Deb Menz.
  • The Gotan Project:  a band that makes tango music, I'm enjoying their Revancha Del Tango album. 
For my taste:  Orenchi Raman is the hottest new noodle house in silicon valley.  Always too long of a wait to get in.  We are trying to try it by storming the place before it opens.  I'll let you know if it's worth the bother.


Susan said...

Ah love ramens, you should try hot pot! So good when its cold out...

Lynn said...

I really like orenchi! The first time we went there, our car window got smashed, but we still decided we liked it enough to go back a few times since then. It's easiest if you go right when they open. They are a sister restaurant to Sumika in Los Altos. I love the Orenchi Ramen (with the egg) and the salads. Hope you liked it!

NZsoccermom said...

Tried the joke on my 22 year old son over Thanksgiving. His response added up to "Kegan nose everything"! He followed up by reminding me that his summers spent as a camp leader of 1st graders taught him everything he needed to know on that topic...

NZsoccermom said...

I tried the joke on my 22 year old son who was home over Thankgiving. His response was "Kegan nose everything"! He reminded me that several summers of leading 1st and 2nd graders prepared him for such questions in life.

Sharon said...

That is too cute. Your blocks are looking awesome! I'll have to listen to the knitmoregirls episode 136!