Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday gift for quilters: 2012 Quilt Calendar

It isn't always easy to get the quilter who has everything a perfect holiday gift.

I've found that a new calendar is always appreciated and a beautiful one can be the perfect addition to your creative space.

This year I have a special treat for you:  two versions of the calendar!  Quilts and Yarn.

It's a labor of love to put these together since it takes me a lot of time and thought, but flip through and check out the photos if you have a chance.

The quilt calendar is light and airy looking, similar look to the photos I shoot for my blog.  The yarn calendar has a darker pallet in color and is more dramatic. 

To see all the photos included in every month, click the button below, click the title, and then click "Preview".  Enjoy!





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merumo said...

It's really nice finding someone who enjoys what I do - knitting and quilting! And besides, you are "otaku"!! I'm also sort of that way ;) I'll find out about that more by browsing thru your lovely blog. BTW, thank you for visiting my blog!