Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bedtime Stories in Color

Often times when I am waiting to fall asleep my mind turns to thoughts of color combinations.  I suppose this may be a little strange, but anyhow it's what happens to me.

I don't try to think about colors, but I do occasionally wish that I wrote down some of the combinations that I think about as they look so beautiful together.

Fuchsia and Saffron, White and light Gray, Olive and Aqua, Navy and Turquoise with Red...I like to see new combinations play off each other.  

Benjamin Moore paint has a color called Savannah Moss that goes well with their Smoke Embers paint color.  I would love to work for a paint company.  Can new colors be invented?  Maybe not, but goodness me they could certainly use some help to edit the ugly out.

The above photos is of the baby quilt I started quilting for my niece.  I decided to quilt the nine patches on the diagonal and to put some fancy quilting in the spacer blocks in between.  

I've been a sucker for years when it comes to Kaffe's stripe fabrics.  I'm a huge fan of the color combinations.

Thanks for all your contest comments.  Will announce a winner this week.


Kathie said...

looking good! ah yes I love visiting the paint store and seeing all the color chips! I think quilts not painting walls!

Dawn said...

I love thinking about color and fabric combinations - even more than any quilt. The Kaffe shot cottons are amazing.